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Cleaning carpets can be a messy affair, that’s why Chemical Guys takes the amazing cleaning power of Fabric clean, and shows how cleaning upholstery with the right tools can be simple and fast. Chemical Guys shows how a carpet cleaning brush can remove large amounts of dirt and filth to restore your car’s upholstery to near factory conditions.

The outside of someone’s car gets the most attention, however the interior of the car can get very dirty. The first thing our feet touch when we get inside our cars are the floor mats, and we track all kinds of dirt onto our mats which make them look filthy and old. It’s time to make those neglected floor mats look appreciated again by cleaning them with Fabric Clean. Nick pores this extra powerful upholstery shampoo into a secondary dilution bottle, this mixture of shampoo and water needs to be maximized at an 8:1 dilution ration. Nick places the upholstery mat on the ground before spraying it with the Fabric Clean solution.

Nick saturates the mat to make sure the shampoo has time to absorb into the fabric to emulsify the dirt. Nick grabs the Carpet Brush Drill attachment and connects it to a standard cordless rotary drill. Nick powers the drill on and begins agitating the dirt with the medium thickness bristles, loosening all the built up filth that was raised to the surface by the Fabric Clean. Now that the fabric has been thoroughly cleansed, Nick grabs a clean microfiber towel to soak up the dirt that’s been sitting there for months. When Nick lifts the towel, it’s apparent how much filth, dirt, and stuck in grime was embedded in the upholstery all along.

To put the finishing touches on the upholstery, Nick wants to ensure that anything the spills on the surface of the fabric doesn’t permanently stain the carpeting. Nick applies a generous coating of Fabric Guard onto the carpet to create a water tight barrier that repels stains and spills. If you follow these simple steps, you can take any filthy mat and remove all the stubborn lingering stains, and return the upholstery to near factory like conditions with tools like Fabric Clean and the Carpet brush Drill attachment.

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