How To Extend Your Hot Tub Or Pool Season

How To Extend Your Hot Tub Or Pool Season

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We have all seen and many of us have used that hot tub surrounded by piles of snow it makes for a great picture but the truth in the matter is I really did not enjoy going outside to get in the hot tub nor did I like the trip back in. We in the far north for the most part simply drain our hot tubs and cover our pools and say goodbye for the winter months. Well if you truly enjoy using your hot tub year around you may want to consider extending your season with an enclosure. Today’s enclosures are a far cry from those of old many of today’s enclosures are available in enough standard sizes to meet most any need.

There are many benefits to enclosing your pool or spa that you may never have thought about. Normally an enclosure is connected to the house this adds an extra room to your house that becomes a vocal and a gathering point. Can you imagine taking a nice dip prior to going out and shoveling your driveway or soaking in a hot tub when you are done? Like to take a swim at twilight without any mosquitoes bothering you? These are just a few of the many advantages of having an enclosed pool or hot tub connected to your home.

The original enclosures manufactured in the 60’s used a fiberglass panels but today’s enclosure are made of polycarbonate this holds up much longer and is more durable and will last many years. The modular layout of today’s enclosures allows the home owner to lay out just what they want sliding doors can be added where they are needed. Like the sun well you can have a retractable roof to let the direct sun in or you can have tinted panels that cut down on the suns glare and block the harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer. Window shades that controlled by remote control to allow sun in one area and shade in other areas to suit every ones needs.

Although the thought of adding a pool or hot tub enclosures may sound like a huge expense there are many cost savings associate with pool enclosures. UV rays from the sun actually account for bout one half of the chemicals used in the pool so enclosures will save you approximately 50 % in pool chemicals. So if the pool is covered less debris will get in the pool the need to operate your filter will be reduced and the amount of time spent cleaning and vacuuming will be reduced. Heating cost believe it or not are actually reduced with an enclosure as less heat is lost to evaporation.

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