Salvage Yards: Furniture-Maker Heaven?

Salvage Yards: Furniture-Maker Heaven?

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Furniture-making is an exciting activity that requires both skill and know-how. In today’s money-saving society, however, furniture-making also requires a great deal of money-savvy sense. This means that furniture makers not only work to get the best materials for their furniture; they should get the cheapest deals as well.

If you are a furniture maker in search of the best materials, then why not try the neighborhood salvage yard? You may not find whole sofas or cabinets in the yard, but you surely will find parts of them that might appeal to your tastes – and that might inspire you to create even better furniture!

What furniture in salvage yards might be of use to you?

• Old Doors – Whether they are made from old oak, or carved from dark cherry, doors can be a great addition to any home. If you stop by a salvage yard, look for those with elaborate carvings, or those that have additions such as glass or metal to serve as little windows. You can use old doors as new ones for a stylish cabinet. You can also re-use old doors by simply refinishing the woodwork, cleaning the glass, and polishing the metal.

Old doors can also serve as great conversation pieces. Just put them in a corner as a door to nowhere, and watch the conversation lead to unprecedented ways in no time!

• Old Windows – Glass is a great way to catch light – and colored or stained glass can change the tint of light coming into your house. The glass from old windows can be used as glass for your cabinets, or even as a tabletop, for stylish dining. Look for windows with clear, strong glass, of any color you wish.

• Flooring – Salvage yards are also home to flooring, so look for hardwood flooring that you might be able to use for tabletops or cabinets. Hardwoods, as the name implies, are especially strong, and can also serve as great decorations if you want your house to have a “down home” feel.

• Metal and Plastic Decorations – Look for these knickknacks, and turn them into cabinet knobs, bookends, or even permanent decorations for your furniture!

Visiting a salvage yard is more than simply looking for “vintage” pieces, or seeking “fusion” furniture to add antique flavors to your modern home. It’s all about saving money and getting well-established styles to mingle with your ideas. In the end, not only will you make the best furniture, you will do so without spending a lot as well!

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