Jewelry Tips In A Flash 3

Jewelry Tips In A Flash

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If you’ve purchased jewelry, it’s important to take the time to take care of it. Just a little effort can make even a simple piece of jewelry last for a long time. In this article, you’ll find out ways you can take better care of your jewelry, and how you can make old jewelry look like new.

If you want to purchase a piece of jewelry that is sentimental and not necessarily ornate, opt for a solid sterling silver, white gold, or platinum band without stones. Have a name, date, or personal message engraved on the inside of the ring, pendant, or bracelet to add an inspiring, personalized touch.

Do your homework before buying a jewelry piece for someone else. Notice what type of jewelry the recipient-to-be already wears or owns. This will give you a sense of the style that you should be looking for, as well as, let you know if the person already owns something similar.

When buying jewelry it is important to remember that you can finance it. There are a lot of jewelry stores who offer in house financing for their customers. That means that you could get a loved one jewelry that they have always dreamed of and pay for it over an extended period of time. Financing helps to make gift giving a little bit easier.

One of the hottest gemstone trends in jewelry is the inclusion of deep blue sapphires as the focal point in rings and pendants. Sapphire is also the traditional birthstone for those born in the month of September; it is also thought to bring about virtues like serenity and truth. Sapphires are also the traditional stone for those celebrating their fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Much like a bride’s dress, wedding jewelry may have to be adjusted and sized, therefore you should choose your jewelry as soon as your dress choice has been made. Your best estimate is that when your dress is done, your jewelry will be sized correctly as well, so include that in your time management planning.

Get your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned twice a year. Most jewelers will clean jewelry for free, even if it was not purchased in that store. Jewelry you wear every day, such as a wedding ring, may need more frequent cleaning. Be sure to ask a jeweler the preferred way of doing that.

Some people choose to clean their fine jewelry with warm water and mild soap. For most pieces of fine jewelry, this is an acceptable means of cleaning. Just make sure you rinse the jewelry well and dry it thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth. Both silver and gold may tarnish if it is not dried well.

Taking care of your jewelry lets you get the most for your money. A quality piece of jewelry should be able to last you a lifetime. Thanks to the tips in this article, you now know how to keep your jewelry looking great. If you keep the advice here in mind, you’ll be enjoying your favorite earrings and necklaces for years to come.

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