Is There An Environmental Problem?

Is There An Environmental Problem?

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There is enormous talk about there being an environmental problem. Is it effecting you or your children? Will it effect your children and grand children? You be the judge. The jury say there sure is.

The U.S. Census Bureau states that the world population is expanding at an alarming rate. In 1800 the world population was estimated at one billion people and two billion by the year 1922. In the year 2000 population was at six billion worldwide. Researcher are estimating that this will grow by one half time to nine billion in the year 2050.

Now what do those numbers mean to our environment?

Simply put that in 2050 we will have 25% less natural resources per capita than people had in 1950. So with the growth of population our fixed amount of natural resources will have to be stretched further. What will that growth do to our greenhouse gas emissions? So if we keep living as we are, changing nothing, what kind of world are our children and grand children going to live in?

We want our children to have a better lifestyle, or at least comparable to ours. We save to further their education, their weddings and yes sometimes even what they will inherit. What we are not saving for them are the most important things, clean air,water, land, and an abundance of natural resources. We are not saving their health or the planet they live on. Instead we are leaving them a huge environmental problem full of health risks.

Fact: A carrot grown in 2002 has about a seventh of the beta-carotene as a carrot grown in 1950?

Some of the biggest threats to our future stems from the home and our family. From the dangerous chemicals used when cleaning your house to what you put in your trash bag.

Fact: House hold batteries can leak dangerous chemicals over time and should not be sent to landfills.

What happens to those Household chemicals that you pour down the drain or out behind the house. They can pollute the ground water that will eventually make it to aquifers and turn into tap water. This can also contaminate the soil in which our food is grown. Many of these chemical can not be removed from drinking water or from crops harvested in contaminated fields. Ever wonder where your waters been or what was in the field that potato was grown in.

Fact: Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

So, what can you do to help solve the environmental problem we all face. You can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I know you have heard it for years, but its time to take it seriously. Be aware of what you do. One person can make a difference.

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