Dangers Of Chlorine In Showers, Pool, And Cleaning Products-The Facts Revealed

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Today’s world is filled with problems and worries. A
lot of people are already health conscious but somehow
they are still overlooking some things. Are you
already aware that tap water and cleaning products
contain a certain element that can be very dangerous
to an individual’s health? That element is chlorine.
If you want to find out more about the possible
dangers of chlorine in showers, pools, and cleaning
products, read on and get the important facts.

• Skin Irritant – you can easily tell when there’s
chemical in the water, whether you’re taking a shower
or when you’re swimming in the pool. You will suddenly
feel the stinging and you have a blurry vision. And of
course, how can you ignore the smell? Water with
chlorine is not that good, especially to people.
Studies have proven that chlorinated water can cause
skin irritations, specifically eczema.

Aside from eczema, individuals with seborrhea,
psoriasis, and acne can experience worsening of their
conditions. Chlorinated water destroys the vitamin E
and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in the body. It
generates toxins which create free radicals. There is
a remedy to these skim irritations. Doctors usually
recommend patients to take supplements which contain
vitamin E, flaxseed oil, and fatty acids.

• When chlorine combines with other water compounds,
trihalomethanes is produced. These are carcinogens
which don’t degrade and so the body’s fatty tissues
store them. This may not sound alarming but what if
the carcinogens were stored in the fatty tissues of
your breast? The chemicals are also called as
organochlorides. These can also be stored in semen and
blood which can cause DNA mutations that suppress the
function of the immune system. Hence, cell growth can
be interfered.

• There are still other health concerns that you need
to look into. Children who are always exposed to
chlorine in pools will experience aggravated asthma.
As mentioned earlier, carcinogens can be stored in the
body and so you will be more prone to cancer. Breast
and bladder cancer are just some of the possible
illnesses that you can get. Some individuals were also
noted to get malignant melanoma.

At present, studies are being conducted to establish
the connection of chlorinated water and certain
household products to congenital cardiac

• Competitive swimmers are able to absorb a large
amount of chlorine which go directly to the
bloodstream, even on their training sessions.

• Children are able to inhale more toxins as compared
to adults. If you don’t want your kids to suffer from
the dangers of chlorine, make sure that you use water

• Try to check the chlorine content of pools. If there
is a very high content of chlorine, the dental enamel
can be eroded because of the high acid levels.

• Toxin is greatly absorbed though your skin as
compared to breathing. So whenever you take a bath or
swim in the pool, or when you’re cleaning the house
using household cleaners, your body can absorb

Ensure that your pool is not over chlorinated and try
to limit your bath time. While you’re shopping for
chlorine alternatives for household cleansers, pool or
shower filters, make sure that you get the best
quality products. That way, you can protect yourself
and your loved ones from the dangers of chlorine in
showers, pools, and cleaning products. It helps to
know some facts so that you will know what to do,

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