Benidorm Apartments: Your Home Away From Home

Benidorm Apartments: Your Home Away From Home

Benidorm apartments come in all shapes and sizes, but most that you will find in this Costa Blanca city are located in high rise buildings.
The cost depends of course on the view — city side or ocean view, but each provides comfort and convenience for extended stays to the city.

Weighing the Cost vs. Amenities

The cost of the average Benidorm apartment is about what you would pay for an inexpensive hotel room. There are restrictions on the visits; generally a property manager won’t rent an apartment for less than one week, but you can negotiate great rates for month-long stays. Some apartments can be leased for less than a week, but you can expect a short-stay surcharge.

Most high rise apartment buildings will have balcony with exquisite views of the surrounding beaches. This bird’s eye view can give you a perspective of the size of this bustling city.

Also in the apartment buildings you will often have access to pools, patios, shopping, laundry, and of course your own kitchen. Sometimes on long vacations you can tire of restaurant food, so it is always nice to have a few “home” cooked meals. It will also save you money if you only have to eat out once in a while.

With the reputation of a party city, most apartments in Benidorm will require a breakage deposit to cover any damage to the furnishings or apartment itself. This refundable deposit will cover major breakage, but normal wear and tear is not a chargeable offence.

The size of an average Benidorm apartment will be one or two bedrooms. Often there will be pull-out sofas where additional guests can bunk. Managers listing properties will describe the size and also how many people it sleeps. They will most likely have restrictions on adding guests beyond their own recommendation of how many people the apartment is intended to sleep.

Tourism Close By

Benidorm is one of the most visited cities along Costa Blanca and therefore caters to the tourist. This is equally as true for the apartment rental business of tourism in Benidorm. The biggest advantage to renting an apartment versus a hotel is the apartment buildings are generally closer to the action than the hotels on the outskirts of the city. From your apartment you can visit the old town streets of Benidorm or walk a few blocks to the beach. If you are in town on business, perhaps to open yet another restaurant or disco, your apartment rental will keep you close to both work and fun.

Travel To Benidorm

Benidorm is conveniently reached by the Alicante Airport and then by bus or taxi to the heart of the city. Within the city you can rent a car, and your apartment rental will have adequate parking either underground or at an adjacent garage. There are at least 20 different car rental offices in downtown Benidorm and around the city. Within the city travel by bus is also affordable and convenient.

What to Bring

When you rent one of the Benidorm apartments, you need only pack as if you were staying at a hotel. The apartments leased to week-long guests are fully furnished with linens and kitchen necessities. Once you arrive, you can purchase your fresh foods but all of your cooking utensils are stocked. You may also want to bring your own laundry soaps, toiletries and a few DVDs to watch since these are some of the items hotels may provide, but you won’t likely find at the apartment.

The options of where to stay in Benidorm are not just limited to hotels. Apartment life offers more space at an affordable rate. You won’t necessarily have daily maid service or even room service, but people don’t travel to Benidorm to stay indoors. It’s worth making your own bed for the week to enjoy the relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere of a Benidorm apartment.

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