The Hidden Dangers Of Chlorine In Showers, Pool, And Cleaning Products

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According to AAPCC or the American Association of
Poison Control Centers, there have been a lot of
recorded instances wherein health problems were
primarily caused by the presence of chlorine in
cleaning agents or products. Aside from that, water
also contains chlorine which can be harmful to one’s
health. In both instances, chlorine was mentioned.
This is the right time to finally discover the hidden
dangers of chlorine in showers, pool, and cleaning

To start with, take a look at the chlorine in showers
and pools. Many years ago, the element (chlorine) was
used as a chemical warfare, particularly in the Second
World War. By the end of the war, cheap chemicals were
abundant. Back then, people found out about its great
benefits. They used the element to disinfect water
supply and mixed it with other products as well.
However, the studies today revealed that chlorine can
cause breast cancer. Scientists handle the element
with extreme care and they even use proper
ventilation, facemasks, and protective gloves in the

Despite the harmful effects of chlorine, most of
today’s cleaning agents as well as dishwasher
detergents contain chlorine. Enhanced effects can be
seen when you’re taking a shower because the fumes are
heated or when you’re spending a relaxing moment in
the Jacuzzi. Swimming pools also contain chlorine
because it disinfects the pool and rids it of certain
bacteria. Drinking water has chlorine as well. Studies
revealed that bathing lets the body absorb more
chlorine than simply drinking the water because the
element immediately enters the bloodstream.

Now, focus more on the cleaning products that you’re
using at homes. Check out the dishwasher detergent. It
contains dry chlorine and it can cause poison
especially if the dishes are not washed properly.
Residues can pile up on the dishes and it can even mix
with your hot food.

The laundry products, toilet cleaners, oven cleaner,
bleach, furniture polish, and upholstery shampoo all
contain harmful chemicals. You have to ensure that
these things are kept in a secured place where the
children can’t reach to avoid poisoning or other
accidents like fire. The National Research Council
also announced that the products which contain
chemicals don’t give out toxic information. Tests have
been conducted and twenty percent of these chemicals
create acute effects and ten percent give chronic,
mutagenic or reproductive effects.

If you want to protect yourself and your family
against the harmful hidden dangers of chlorine and
other chemicals, you have to educate yourself. Gather
as many information as possible and look for safer
options or alternative products. You can also cut down
the use of chlorine in your pool and you can also
purchase natural cleaning products. Whenever there is
a spill or stain, clean it immediately.

Food wastes should be thrown away promptly. Check the
humidity in your home and try to maintain at 30 to
50%. Entrances should have mats so that few dirt can
enter the house. When you’ve purchased a certain
product with chlorine, be sure to follow the
manufacturer instructions and use only the recommended
quantity. You must always read labels carefully and
follow precautionary measures.

Now that you know the hidden dangers of chlorine in
showers, pools, and cleaning products, you should be
extra careful. By simply following some preventive
measures, you can take care of your health.

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