The Cleaning Authority Vancouver WA Zero Complaints

I HAVE A DOG THAT LIVES AND SHEDS I… I love coming home to a clean house. I have a dog that lives and sheds in the house. TCA does a great job with the floors, the hair disappears! The glass top stove is spotless and the sinks, toilet and shower are white and TCA keeps it that way. I would recomend their service.

CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!! I will recommend this company to any one looking for a house cleaner!Karen Smith

THANKS YOU IS SHINED! Due to a Baby I had fallen Behind and needed help catching up, the Cleaning Authority did an amazing job.

Amanda P

EXCEPTIONAL CLEAN YOUR TEAM DID A FANTASTIC JOB – KUDOS!!! I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to arrive home yesterday to an exceptionally clean house and it smelled fantastic also. Your team did a amazing job – kudos! – Sabra

GREAT JOB!!! My Review of Vancouver Cleaning Authority: Great Job Thank You, you guys are great! Robert

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