Vacation Rentals in Mexico

Vacation Rentals in Mexico

With hotel prices going high up, vacation rentals in Mexico are gaining much popularity among travelers to this exotic land of diversity. We won’t be comparing hotels and vacation rentals in this article since anyone can tell you that each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Instead, we’ll focus on what makes vacation rentals in Mexico worth your precious buck and how to choose one whenever you decide to go with this alternative travel option.

More Space for Less

It all depends on how many people are with you when you go on vacation. Are you traveling alone? With a small group? Or with the entire family perhaps? If space is the issue, then vacation rentals in Mexico can solve that particular problem for you.

Hotel rooms can feel pretty cramped if you’re traveling with the whole family. A room with a king or two double beds for a week could cost about $1150. On the other hand, if you get one of those vacation rentals in Mexico with say, two or three rooms, plus a kitchen and living room, you’ll be paying no more than $900 per week. It’s a good alternative, but only if you’re concerned about space.

If space is not important, you may be able to save more with a single room with one bed, plus all the hotel amenities, than with an entire house with lots of extra space you’re paying for but not using much.

Say Bye-bye to Hotel Amenities

Vacation rentals in Mexico are not hotels, there’s no question about that. These properties are often owned by private individuals who put them out for rent while they’re out vacationing in some other country. So as far as amenities are concerned, there won’t be any, except those that are already existing. That means, no room service, maid service, in house restaurants, bars, etc. But you do get to enjoy some owner privileges, like golf and tennis. Plus, you feel more like a local if you stay at an actual residence than at a room in a hotel.


Looking for vacation rentals in Mexico shouldn’t be that hard to do. That’s what’s great about the Internet. Just one mouse click and a great multitude of information is immediately laid bare for you. You will find many websites specializing in vacation rentals in Mexico. But if you want to broaden your range of options more, you may want to try calling the Mexican Chamber of Commerce of a list of their vacation rentals. Some owners of lovely properties list their properties exclusively to specific local realtors who may or may not have a website put up.

Nothing Beats Early Preparation

Many people who opt for vacation rentals in Mexico are loyalists. That means, they tend to rent the same house for the same period every year. The vacation rental of your choice might be fully booked by the time you decide to call the realtor. That’s why it is advised that you make your preparations early. Some people actually do their planning for vacation rentals in Mexico at least right after the holidays. While this is not required for you, it is however advised that you make your preparations as early as possible in order to ensure that there’s a slot left open for you.

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