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Clean carpet makes your house feel fresh! Unfortunately, gravity is our carpets worst enemy! Carpet is really the “catch-all” for dust and dander, pet hair, food and spills. You name it, whatever pollutants we stock into your homes eventually calm down into our carpet fibers.

For longer than thirty years Steam Master Carpet Cleaners happen to a trusted name for quality rug cleaning in the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa Areas. Our licensed roofers are family owned business and have worked horrific to ascertain a reputation that lives up to our slogan “Delivering Quality Every Time”.

We employ thoroughly trained technicians that have numerous vast experience with your company. We work with the heated water extraction or “steam cleaning” method. Heated water extraction is the one method classified as “deep cleaning” and the only method recommended by 99% of Carpet Mills. This is a washing and rinsing of a persons carpet. We work with only non-toxic cleaning agents that are safe on your home. The rinsing step is very important to make sure that your floor coverings is residue free. Our truck mounted equipment heats the water to the optimal temperature and injects cleaning solution deep within into the rug fibers. The systems powerful suction also allows us to extract 95% no matter what the water. Your carpet shall be just damp as well as the touch, allowing it to dry quickly. Steam Master Inc. is proud to employ technicians that are IICRC certified.

Steam Master Carpet Cleaning
1710 Santa Ana Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-1313

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