Cleaning Equipment: Sewer cleaning tools to clear blockage (714) 898-4830 (714) 898-4830 – Unblocking drain is not that easy. So if you’re planning to do it yourself and you’re looking for a cleaning equipment then we can help you with that. We offer a complete line of sewer cleaning tools to clear blockage.

Our company was founded in 1975 as Municipal Equipment Exporters, Inc., and later renamed Max-Life Manufacturing Corporation.

By the late 1970’s we acquired Flexible Plumbertool from Rockwell Industries and proceeded to start manufacturing the tools in Southern CA.

On a tragic evening in 1982, a fire erupted in our building. On the same night our founder was also involved in a car accident totaling his car. Being able to get money from the insurance company for the damages allowing him to use it to purchase a new building closer to home, he saved most of the manufacturing equipment and started working to build the business again.

Neil traveled around the world meeting new customers making Municipal Equipment Exporters, also known as Max-Life Mfg., a multi-million dollar company.

Today we still follow Neil’s vision of high quality tools, exceptional customer service and innovation of new products coming from customer feedback.

Max-Life Mfg. Corp.
11580 Seaboard Circle
Stanton, Calif. USA 90680
Toll Free: 888-873-6295 / 714-898-4830
Fax: 714-897-2810

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