The Cleaning Authority Vancouver WA Reviews

GREEN HOUSE CLEANING Vancouver Cleaning Authority, Thanks for using green products to clean our home. My husband has bad allergies and the products you us dont cause him problems, the house looks great and I dont smell strong chemicalsWarm RegardsKaren A

EXCELLENT JOB ON HOUSE CLEANING TOD… Excellent job on house cleaning today! I love to come home after you have been here! We have been a loyal customer for over 10 years! 🙂

WONDERFUL JOB THANK YOU…!!! I’m ecstatic about my house! The team did a wonderful job. Thank you! Adore John and staff. They are able to deal with our large rowdy boxer which isn’t an straightforward task! They’re dependable and trustworthy. – Helen W

CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!! I will recommend this company to any one looking for a house cleaner!Karen Smith

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