The Cleaning Authority Vancouver WA Online Reviews

REALLY GET EVERYTHING CLEAN!! Vancouver Cleaning Authority is efficient! From the first visit to give me an estimate I knew that if the cleaning ladies were as efficient as the man who came and gave me an estimate this was going to be a great cleaning team. These folks do not add on any costs – they just come in and clean. Their initial deep cleans really get everything clean. I have 2 long-haired pets and they did not even blink an eye. They will stay to get the job done but they will not charge you extra for it. If you are looking for a good cleaning crew give these guys a call – you will not be disappointed.

THANKS YOU THANK YOU…!!! I did not think you once you mentioned the quality of your service would remain consistent. All the other services I have had got worse over time. I’m writing to let you realize that I’m a believer. Your service is fantastic! Thank you. – Bob T

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