Orange County Carpet Cleaners is a soap free residue free Residential and commercial cleaning company. We always work on ways to give complete value to our customer with offering the best carpet cleaning in today’s market. We use a none soap cleaning formula to clean your carpets. Ever since Orange County Carpet Cleaners started using residue free cleaning formula’s to clean carpets customers saved since they didn’t have to have there carpets cleaned as often.

Orange County Carpet Cleaners specialize in all types of spots and stains for residential and commercial carpets. We use only the top of the line truck mounted steam cleaning machine to deeply steam your carpets. Carpet manufactures recommend to clean your carpets every 6-18 months with a truck mounted steam extraction method.

Some of the dirtiest carpets that I have ever cleaned have been from customers that used dry cleaning methods to clean there carpets before us. The other times I see extremely dirty carpets is when people use the do it yourself carpet cleaning machines to clean there carpets in there home.

We use all organic/green cleaning solutions that wont ever leave that sticky residue in your residential or commercial carpets. All our product is safe for the kids and the rest of the family.
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