Cleaning With Love – Carpet Cleaning Scams and How To Avoid Them (604) 475-5683

Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation here in Vancouver, on Canada Day. How’re you doing today? We’re talking with Mo Kumarsi of Cleaning With Love; it’s the highest rated cleaning company in Canada, appropriate for Canada Day. How’re you doing today Mo?
Mo: Happy Canada Day Mark. Thank you, it’s a great day, great to be with you.
Mark: So, we’re going to talk about carpet cleaning scams and avoiding them. So what are some things I need to be careful of before hiring a carpet cleaning company?
Mo: Great question Mark. Like it is for Canada Day, it’s a good thing to bring this up for people not to get scammed. Actually top three things: make sure you do your research about the company, they’re credible, they have insurance, they’re bonded, their people are not just some ex-druggies or ex-convicts that come to your house and before you know it your house will be robbed. So make sure first you do a background check on the company at a business bureau on line, review sites, check out their, ask them for some references, what jobs they have done and it’s really easy these days to just do a reference check online, nothings hidden these days of anybody or anything online so do your checks, that’s first and foremost; 2nd of all see if they actually been in, how long they’ve been in business and you can find a recommendation of someone you now and if they done jobs in your area before.
Mark: So one of the things I know, that folks have said to me in the past was they don’t necessarily trust the written reviews but what about video testimonials, those seem to be something that are appropriate and you guys have quite a few of those, is that a good way to gauge a company?
Mo: Well, any sort of things can be altered or fake I guess but if you look deep within these days, if you’ve been in business more than a year more than two years, more than three years, there’s no way you’ve been doing a bad job or scamming people or doing less of a quality work that there’s somewhere out there, there should be some sort of a trace so with your testimonials are great way to actually conduct your search or reviews and Better Business Bureau, things like Yelp, they’re very credible these days and Google and there’s a lot of different ways, even the websites. Look at the person’s website, if it looks like it was made by themselves yesterday you might not want to and see how long that websites been around, that’s another good question.

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