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We professionally clean all types of Oriental area rugs from all around the world modern and antique. Cleaning Oriental rugs is a must so you can preserve the rugs beauty for many years to come. A basic Oriental area rug cleaning can prevent all kinds of trouble so you rug can last for many more generations. If Oriental area rugs are not cleaned they the fibers will load up with dust and dirt and when you walk on the rug the dirt pounds into the wool fibers slowly ripping at the Oriental rug. Also if Oriental rugs are left into the sun will dry out and loose there luster and the fibers become brittle.

Oriental area rugs should be washed and cleaned at least every one to five years. Washing and cleaning of Oriental area rugs helps bring back the shine, elasticity, fullness and will help your Oriental rug last for many years to come. Cleaning your Oriental rug is easier to maintain then wall to wall carpeting. synthetic carpet show dirt very easy and needs to be cleaned every 6-18 months to keep it looking good and maintain. Oriental area rugs only need to be cleaned every 1-5 years. After five years the rug may still look new. The reason that we recommend cleaning of Oriental area rugs within five years is regular cleanings repel moths and other insects. Moths are the biggest problems for wool rugs. If the Oriental rug is not cleaned the moths will lay there eggs in the rug and the larva will hatch and eat away at the wool fibers.

Pet urine and pet odors are another big problem if not cleaned by a Oriental rug cleaning professional. When pet urine is not properly cleaned from an Oriental area rug the bacteria will ruin the fibers of the rug and may cause serious stains in the rug. The longer you wait the more it will cost to remove. Our rug cleaning experts

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